Hi, we're the team behind Lasso.

We're on a mission to improve the experience around building wealth.

Our story.

Our team comes from the finance and tech worlds and are interested in building cool, simple tools to solve complex problems. We see the power of technology to make financial planning and advice more accessible to people and we want to deliver a solution that does more for individuals to kickstart their financial journey.

Why we're here.

We've seen firsthand the struggles that people are up against when building wealth. And how difficult it is to find meaningful advice. Why does it take hours of time, piles of data and a finance degree to put together a basic plan for your money or to find a financial advisor? Beats us. That's why we built Lasso - to empower people to build goals-based plans for their money and connect with a community of like-minded advisors who can help them succeed.

How we help.

The Lasso app offers people an easy way to build a plan for their life goals without needing any knowledge of finance. Then, those plans can be shared with an advisor to suggest improvements. Connecting over goals creates the foundation for a more effective relationship and better outcomes for everyone.

Our team.



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